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Rubis : Bitumen business gets more international


In view of supporting its development projects in India and Africa, Rubis is securing a bitumen supply through the acquisition of FCG a privately-owned Iranian-based bitumen company involved in the production, storage and export operating from Bandar Abbas (Strait of Hormuz).

During last year, the company has traded 200 000 metric tons through exports mainly towards Eastern African countries and India, regions where Rubis intends to develop its positions.

This acquisition is in line with Rubis long-term strategy to secure a competitive and high-grade supply while enlarging its offer from drums to containers and small bulk in order to take over new market positions. Rubis intends to invest some €100 million over the next two years to achieve this goal.

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Q4 2017 revenue: February 8, 2018 (Market closing)


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