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Rubis: turnover 2006: 727 m€ (+ 108 %)


6 February 2007

Rubis generated turnover of €727 million during the 2006 financial year, up 108%.

Excluding Rubis Antilles-Guyane (consolidated since 1 December 2005) and Rubis Bermuda (consolidated since 1 October 2006), turnover rose by 7%, with a strong showing in the Storage business and increased sales-volumes at Rubis Energy despite an adverse price environment and an exceptionally mild climate.

Turnover in € millions 2006 2005 Change 
(12 months to 31 December)    
RUBIS ENERGY 545.4 177 .8 +207% 
France 131.6 125.3 +5% 
Antilles-Guyana &Bermuda 370.9 17.3 NA 
Africa 42.9 35.2 +22% 
RUBIS TERMINAL 181.7 172.3 +5% 
Liquid products storage 62.0 56.7 +9% 
Petroleum products trading 119.6 115.6 +3% 
Total consolidated turnover 727.1 350.1 +108% 


LPG distribution volumes rose 10% to 223,000 tonnes. At constant scope of consolidation (excluding Antilles Guyane and Bermudes) volumes held up despite an exceptionally mild climate in Q4 2006 and with historically high energy prices having impacted heating energy consumption in France and dampening consumer demand in Africa.

- France: Volumes traded were down 3%, 9% alone in Q4 2006 due to adverse weather conditions (weather index: -11%). The Vitogaz brand continued to pick up market share despite the fact that the French market as a whole declined by 6%. The period saw the takeover of LPG service stations from BP which helped grow volumes in this segment as well as a partnership with BP since October to sell gas cylinders in hypermarkets. Operating conditions were nevertheless satisfactory throughout the period.

- Rubis Antilles Guyane (RAG) and Bermudes: contributed turnover of €371 million, €154 million of which was generated by SARA (refinery in the Caribbean) on the 24% stake held by RAG. Total petroleum product trading (excluding LPG) accounted for some 200,000 tonnes split between the service station networks and direct sales (marine diesel, fuel oil, lubricants and bitumen).

- Africa (87,000 tonnes of LPG) saw an overall rise in volumes of 4.6% with a very strong performance in Morocco compared with a decline in Senegal (supply disruption) and Madagascar (increased LPG prices due to new VAT tax).


The Storage business performed well (turnover up 9%) throughout the period :

- with the oil sector driven by the imports in Basse Seine (Rouen) of diesel for use in the production of bio-fuels and by strong demand from Traders;

- and the Edible oil sector benefiting from strong imports flows in connection with the production of bio-fuels.

It was decided to launch the construction of a Oil and Chemical Terminal in Rotterdam with a total storage capacity of 150 000 m3, the first part (80 000 m3) being planned to be in operation during second quarter 2008.

Next update: publication of 2006 Annual Results - Thursday, 15 March 2007

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