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Rubis: turnover 1st half-year 2006: + 118% - like with like comparison: + 15%


Rubis recorded a turnover of 368.5 M€ for the first half of 2006, a rise of 118%. Apart from Rubis Antilles Guyana (RAG), consolidated since December 2005, turnover increased by 15% with higher volumes both for Rubis Energie and Rubis Terminal.

Turnover in million euros (6 months to 30 June) 2006 2005 Change 
RUBIS ENERGIE 272.5  85.5 219% 
France  77.8 69.5 12% 
Antilles Guyana  174.2 ns 
Africa 20.5 16.0 28% 
Rubis Terminal 96.0 83.6 15% 
Services and Stockholding of liquid products  30.1 26.1 15% 
Trading in petroleum products  65.9  57.5 15% 
Total consolidated turnover 368.5 169.1 118% 

Distribution OF LPG AND PETROLEUM PRODUCTS - Rubis Energie

The distribution of LPG shows a 10% growth in volume with 117,380 tonnes of final distribution and 1% like-for-like growth (excluding RAG).

In France, Vitogaz successfully maintained its volume (-1%) against a background of particularly high energy prices, with sales in the residential sector holding up thanks to the hard winter (climatic index rose by 2%). Sales of LPG fuel increased by 34%, reinforced by the new contract for supplying the BP network, in operation since January 2006, and this has produced an increase in the market-share of Vitogaz in this segment, once again favoured by tax incentives (tax credit).

Rubis Antilles Guyana is integrated for the first time with a contribution to turnover of 174.2 M€, of which
72.8 M€ was generated by SARA (refinery in the Caribbean), corresponding to the 24% shareholding owned by RAG. The volume of marketed petroleum products (excluding LPG) reached 97,000 cubic metres, divided between the network of service-stations, and direct sale of marine boiler-fuel, fuel-oil, lubricants and bitumen.

Africa (42,300 tonnes of LPG) shows an overall volume growth of 6%, still benefiting from the healthy growth of residential bulk sales in Morocco, bulk sales to industry and third-party sales in Madagascar. StockHOLDING OF LIQUID produCts - Rubis Terminal

Turnover shows a rise of 15%, both in trading and in the stockholding service, the principal activity and generator of profitability in the sector.

The stockholding activity experienced particularly sustained growth (+ 15%) provided by the increase in imports of diesel fuel combined with the new tax arrangements concerning bio-fuels (diester) ; the half-year performance particularly highlights the strategic value of the depots in Rouen (shipments by pipeline to the Paris region) and in Strasbourg (inward delivery by barges on the Rhine) in the field of petroleum products.

The half-year was also marked by strong activity in the importing of natural oil-yielding products (doubling of revenues) combined with the development of marketing channels for bio-fuels and a healthy increase in chemical products (+5%).

Next meeting : 13 September 2006 - Half-year results

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