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Rubis enters the fuel distribution business in djibouti


 October 6, 2015

Rubis won the invitation to tender for taking over the assets and the Total branded business base in Djibouti.

Through this new development Rubis takes control of the leading fuel distributor in the country, present in all market segments: motorgas stations, commercial, aviation, marine and lubricants, representing a yearly volume exceeding 100 000 cbm.

Djibouti, strategically positioned at the entry of the Red Sea in the Horn of Africa, has a natural advantage of being the main, if not the only, sea access to strong growing Ethiopia.

This key geographical position could open future development perspectives to Rubis in bulk liquid storage for imports to and exports from this bordering country, as well as fuel distribution.

Upcoming events:

Q3 2015 sales revenue on November 9, 2015 (after trading)


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