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Rubis enters the specialty gas distribution segment by acquiring a subsidiary of carbagas in switzerland


December 11, 2013

Rubis, through its subsidiary Vitogaz Switzerland, the country's leader in LPG distribution, is acquiring Multigas, a company specialized in packaging and distributing high purity ammonia and specialty gases. Multigas is also present in LPG cylinder distribution.

A brand enjoying a strong reputation in this business niche, profitable and with robust market positions, Multigas is the perfect fit to extend and complement Rubis' LPG business. Due to the physico-chemical properties of these gases, their marketing imposes compliance with special safety requirements and the use of logistics tools very similar to those needed for propane and butane.

Multigas posted 2012 sales volumes of 2,500 metric tons and revenue of CHF8.5 million (7 €M) across all segments.  

This acquisition broadens Rubis' perspectives in complementary segments which could be extended to geographic areas where the Group is already in operation, thus leveraging Multigas's acknowledged technical know-how.


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