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Rubis: a new equity financing facility to further strengthen rubis' financial resources


Rubis has decided to set up a new equity financing facility, pursuing the strategy it implemented in 2010 and 2011.


This mechanism, designed to raise funds through shareholders' equity, has proven to be particularly appropriate with Rubis' growth strategy, providing both flexibility and compatibility with other means of financing such as the cash flow generated by its businesses and bank loans, at a time when opportunities for external growth are on the increase and the Group's own development plans are also being stepped up.


Accordingly, under the powers delegated to it by the annual and general meeting of shareholders and managing partners held on 10 June 2009, the Board of Management has signed an equity financing facility agreement (PACEO®) with Société Générale, within the authorised limit of 1,652,000 shares, representing 5.5% of the current share capital. On the basis of the current share price the potential increase in shareholders' equity could be as much as €70 million.


Trough this financing mechanism, Rubis can issue shares as and when it needs over the next 24 months, in tranches of up to 200,000 shares (i.e. 0.65 % of the current share capital). The share subscription price will be set according to the then current share price, minus a 5% discount. The bank, acting in its capacity as a financial intermediary, is committed to subscribing to the new shares upon Rubis' request but does not aim at to become a long-term shareholder of the Company.


Potential impact of this equity financing facility on a 1% stake in the company held prior to the share issue (based on the number of shares making up the share capital as at 18 July 2011):


 Before issueAfter issue
  non-diluted basis



basis (1)


Value before and after the issue
of 1,652,000 new shares:
1.00 %0.95 %

0.93 %



(1) if the 479,997 share options are fully exercised, whether eligible for exercise or not, and if the 58,764 bonus shares, which are subject to performance criteria, are awarded.


Next update: half-yearly results on 31 August 2011


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