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Rubis: success of the dividend payment in shares - split




The dividend payment in shares option captured the interest of a majority of Rubis' shareholders: 73.02% of rights were exercised in favour of a payment in shares.


In light of this very high rate of distribution of shares for this dividend payment, 449,872 shares will be created, together with 78,139 shares resulting from the managing partners' decision to reinvest their compensation in shares, making for a total of 528,011 new shares (representing 3.48% of the new capital after the increase). All 528,011 shares were delivered and admitted for trading on Euronext Paris on 8 July 2011.


These shares, which will confer a right to a dividend as of 1 January 2011, will be immediately assimilated with the company's other shares. The cash dividend paid on 8 July 2011 totals €11,960,321.85.


The Annual and Extraordinary General Meeting of 9 June 2011 offered shareholders an option to elect a dividend payment in shares or cash for the 2010 fiscal year. With regard to the payment in shares, the issue price of the new shares, which corresponds to 90% of the average opening price throughout the twenty trading days that preceded the date of the General Meeting, amounts to €72.72. The option period ran from 10 to 24 June 2011.


At its meeting of 8 July 2011 and pursuant to a resolution of the Annual and Extraordinary General Meeting of 9 June 2011, the Board of Management also decided to carry out a 2-for-1 stock split. Each holder of a Rubis share with a par value of €5.00 will receive two new shares with a par value of €2.50.


The split will be effective as from 12.07.11.


Upon conclusion of the above, the amount of Rubis' capital will total €75,844,000: 30,337,600 shares with a par value of €2.50.



Rubis' shares are listed on Euronext Paris Eurolist.
(ISIN: FR0000121253)