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Rubis: clarification message


Following the publication on 17 september 2008 of various press articles mentionning Rubis Terminal, a subsidiary of Rubis' Group, along with Arcelor Mittal and Sonolub, Rubis Terminal is making the following comment and clarification :

- The so-called product has never been stored within Rubis Terminal.

Rubis Terminal was just providing Sonolub with a jetty access, from 2 to 4 times during the year. Sonolub did the loading of the product on a barge (a capacity of around 1000 tons) directly from tank trucks. Like any transshipment operation, Rubis Terminal did not have direct access to the loaded product and as a result did not have the capacity to identify the product. Sonolub was in charge of providing the appropriate administrative documentation.

- Rubis Group is not exposed to any kind of financial risk.

As a bond tank storage company, Rubis Terminal is daily in charge of the customs declaration on behalf of its clients, and more particularily for the tax on petroleum products. In this particular case, Rubis Terminal has filled the Custom declaration on behalf of Sonolub and Arcelor Mittal.

Being responsible on behalf of its clients with regard to the Custom, a claim of 240 000 euros has been brought agains Rubis for which it has received a full coverage and warranty.


* * *

Rubis Terminal is a leading european operator in tank storage of petroleum, chemicals and liquid agricultural products, in France and abroad with over 10 million tons of throughput annually.

Sustained investments and capital expenditures plans are in place to comply with the constraining environmental regulation. Rubis Terminal is a reference in its field and regularily works with the administrative bodies in charge of the regulation.

Rubis is sharing with its employees worldwide a full commitment towards the Environment.

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