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Rubis acquires the shell distribution business in the channel islands


Rubis is acquiring the Shell fuels distribution activities based in the Channel Islands : Jersey et Guernsey.

The business acquired has been operating locally for over 50 years and includes all the fuels distribution segments : a network of 27 retail service stations, commercial fuels and heating oil with its associated services, marine, lubrifiants. Morover, it gives Rubis the opportunity to enter the aviation supply business with a key local position.

With total sales-turnover of 48 M£ and volumes of 105 000 cm in 2007, this activity does represent some 30% of the total Islands supply.

All in all this additional business is increasing by 15% Rubis' existing fuels sales which will total 800 000 tons on a full year base.

The transaction which amounts to a maximum of 25 M€ will be financed on the Group's own financial capability.

The completion of the transaction is subject to regulatory approvals.

This acquisition which is building up Rubis'position in Europe meets the Group's criteria in terms of strategic developments : strong market share and logistical asset base in order to secure a long term competitive position and growth prospects.

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