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Rubis: vito, new brand for antilles and guyana distribution network





- VITO: Trademark exclusive to the Antilles-Guiana network

- Renovation and expansion of the network acquired from Shell

Acquired by Rubis at the end of 2005, the historic network of Shell service stations in the Antilles and French Guiana has adopted a new trademark: VITO.

Created exclusively for the Antilles-Guiana, the launch of this new brand is being carried out alongside a significant project for the modernisation of 55 service stations distributed between Guadeloupe (27 stations), Martinique (20 stations) and French Guiana (8 stations).

In line with Rubis' policy, which has always favoured the quality of its infrastructures and the best standards of service in all areas, the group continues to invest to meet the expectations of consumers in the region.

Beyond the renovation of existing service stations, the reconstruction of the most run-down stations and the creation of new sites, bringing the number of stations to 60 in 2008, the group, with the second largest network in the area, has decided to focus on user-friendliness and diversity of services associated with the sale of motor fuel.

"We don't want to be mere motor fuel distributors. Our aim is to provide the best customer service. We have efficient and motivated employees, which is characteristic of our young Group", declared Jean-Pierre Hardy, Chief Operating Officer of Rubis Energie.

Rubis Antilles-Guyane (RAG) is a leader in the distribution of LPG, and one of the leading distributors of heating oil and marine diesel, lubricants and bitumen. RAG is also the second largest holder, with 24%, in SARA, the Antilles refinery located in Fort-de-France. RAG sales represent an annual volume of around 200,000 m3 for turnover of 220 million euros.

An independent international player and market leader,

Rubis carries out two downstream petroleum activities:

storage of petroleum products through its subsidiary Rubis Terminal,

and the distribution of LPG and petroleum products through its subsidiary Rubis Energie (with a presence in 11 countries in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean).

Read press releases from the Rubis Group at: www.rubis.fr

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