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Rubis: sales revenue for the 1st quarter 2005: +19%


RUBIS, a specialist in bulk liquid storage and LPG distribution in France and abroad, posted growth of 19% in its sales revenue for the first quarter of 2005, starting the year with good business in the storage of petroleum products (+11%) and new growth in LPG margins.

Sales revenue in millions of euros, at 31 March 2005 2004 Change 
RUBIS GAZ 115.7 103.3 +12.0% 
France 48.0 39.9 +20.3% 
Italy 60.3 56.0 +7.6% 
Africa 7.4 7.4 +0.6% 
RUBIS TERMINAL 40.4 27.9 +44.7% 
Bulk liquid products storage and services 13.1 13.0 +0.1% 
Trading of petroleum products 27.3 14.9 +83.9% 
Total consolidated sales revenue 156.1 131.2 +19.0% 


Rubis Gaz sales revenue reached E 115,700,000, an increase of 12% for a final stable distribution volume of 141,000 tons; stable volumes were noted in France and Italy because of a slightly lower weather index for the quarter and a temporary drop of 5% in volumes in Africa.

Overall, conditions for profitability remained favourable, enabling an increase in the sales margin to be recorded.


Sales revenue saw an increase of 44.7%, tied mainly to the strong growth of the Trading business (+84%), a combination of the rise in nominal prices and an increase in volumes of diesel consequent to the effect of TIPP (internal tax on petroleum products) on sales.

The Storage and Services business recorded a good start to the year in Petroleum (+11%), balanced by lower receipts in Chemicals (end of a contract in 2004) and a Fertilizer season delayed by weather conditions.

Next meeting on 8 June 2005: Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

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