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Rubis' CSR approach

An approach structured by its 2022-2025 roadmap

For over 30 years, Rubis has been committed to acting as a responsible player in each country where it operates, in compliance with the highest ethical standards and maximizing its positive impacts.

The Group has renewed this commitment in 2021 with, not only by joining the United Nations Global Compact, but also by publishing its first CSR roadmap for 2022-2025.

With this roadmap, Rubis is strengthening and piloting its CSR strategy built around three pilars broken down into nine commitments, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  • pilar 1: reduce its environmental footprint;
  • pilar 2: provide a safe and stimulating environment for its employees;
  • pilar 3: contribute to a more virtuous society.
See the document
CSR Roadmap 2022-2025

CSR governance

Although it has developed an international dimension, Rubis remains a human-sized business. It has a decentralized structure, as well as professional and experienced employees who enjoy broad independence and assume in full the responsibilities their roles entail, including non-financial risk management.

Rubis believes that involving management at all levels of the organization in CSR issues is key to ensuring the sustainability of its activities.

The CSR policy implemented by the subsidiaries is overseen by Rubis’ Management. A portion of the Managing General Partners’ variable compensation is linked to ethical, social and environmental criteria.

Rubis’ Management draws up policy guidelines and monitors both their relevance and their effectiveness.

The CSR policy is then implemented jointly by the Group’s functional departments (legal, compliance, finance, operations, HSE, HR etc.). These departments have local contacts in each area of business.

Lastly, the Rubis Audit and CSR Committee monitors the analysis of the Group’s ethical, social and environmental risks, as well as the corrective measures taken to prevent such risks.