Distributing energy for everyday life

Activities and customers

Rubis, founded in 1990, is an independent French company listed on Euronext Paris (SBF 120).
The Group is specialized in the distribution of fuel, liquefied gas and bitumen from supply to end consumer.
It operates in 41 countries across 3 continents: Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.


Rubis operates in two areas:

  • The distribution of fuel (in service-stations or for professionals), lubricants, liquefied gases and bitumen through our subsidiary Rubis Énergie. This is the core business of the Group representing 85% of the consolidated Group revenue in 2020.
  • The logistics behind the distribution, “ Support & Services”, grouping together trading-supply and shipping operations. This business represents 15% of the consolidated Group revenue in 2020.

Rubis also holds a 55% stake in the Rubis Terminal JV, a joint venture deconsolidated in 2019, which provides storage for bulk liquid products (fuels and biofuels, chemical and agrifood products) for commercial and industrial customers.


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2020 Group business model




Rubis Énergie revenue breakdown by market segment (accounting for 85% of the consolidated Group revenue in 2020):

Percentage of revenue 2020 2019 2018
Business to Consumer (BtoC) 55% 50% 58%
- Retail via 1,015 automotive fuel stations, mainly under the brands RUBiS and ViTO (including butane cylinders and convenience stores). 94% 94% 92%
- Direct domestic sales of liquefied gas and heating oil for heating, hot water, and cooking mainly under the brands Rubis gas and Vitogaz. 6% 6% 8%
Business to Business (BtoB) 45% 50% 42%
- Sales to commercial users (mainly transportation, hotel, electricity supply, and road construction).      
  • Retail Market

The Group supplies fuels, lubricants, butane cylinders to its retail customers and offers them many services, such as car washes, convenience stores and quick service restaurants, across a network of 1,015 automotive fuel stations operated mostly under the brands RUBiS and ViTO. Rubis Énergie has increased the number of its fuel stations by 83% since 2017 through acquisitions and the construction of new sites. The latest acquisitions were in Haiti, Madagascar and East Africa, with a significant development in the latter. Most of the retail sites are owned by the Group and all fuel provided is supplied by Rubis Énergie. Retail customers are looking for quality products and services for their everyday needs e.g. transportation, vehicle maintenance, shopping and cooking. The Group also offer loyalty cards programs.

  • Domestic sales

The Group also deliver heating oil or liquified gas to its individual customers. It offers a range of boilers, cylinders and tanks depending on their needs. Maintenance and energy saving advice are also part of the offering.

  • Commercial Market

The Group supplies a broad range of commercial customers with fuels, lubricants, liquefied gas, bitumen and other derivative products, mainly across the transportation, infrastructure, hotel, mining, aviation, marine and public works sectors. These products are crucial to the economies of the countries where the Group operates. Rubis generally manages the entire supply chain mainly through Rubis Support &Services.