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Rubis buys shell's petrolum products distribution business in bermuda


The planned acquisition of SHELL's petroleum products distribution business in Bermuda announced in July 2006 was completed on 29 September 2006.

Annual sales for this business amount to US$45 million representing 45,000 square metres of distribution space including twelve service stations.

Backed by an independent logistics network comprising two major fuel and combustibles depots and one LPG import terminal, RUBIS has a leading position on the fuel retail market in Bermuda.

The agreements signed with SHELL provide for a licence to use the SHELL brand in the service stations as well as finished goods supply contracts.

Bermuda has a robust economy and has developed a strong services and tourism sector.

After West Indies and French Guyana in 2005, this transaction boosts RUBIS' presence in the region, where there are many potential synergies.

Next meeting on 9 November 2006: 3rd quarter 2006 sales

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